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Making Pine Needle Baskets

  Over the past few weeks, the Chickadees have been working hard! I wanted to give them the opportunity to take on a project that would take some time, focus and hand-eye coordination! If they were up to the challenge,…

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One Tired, Hard-working Kiddo

So, last week, the entire 3rd Grade (all of the Chickadees) had an overnight trip to an awesome environmental center in the Foothills and returned about 20 mins before program was supposed to start.   As you might imagine the kids…

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Pounding Yucca in the Rain

  A few weeks ago we had one last dash of really cold, wet weather to end the month of March.  Thanks to the parents, because the kids all came dressed for the weather and we had a blast! We ended…

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Chickadee March (Reverse) Wrap Up!

Howdy! Spring time is here and it grows harder and harder to find time for the computer! So here is a little March catch up with Chickadee Clan! The coolest nature discovery over the last few weeks happened right after…

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Chickadees in the Trees

  Last week was great.  Some of the kids from another after school program, SAP, were in the park that day so we teamed up after snack for some big running games! It is a blast to play those with…

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