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Week 4: The art of shelter building

Dear Hawk Circle Families, This past week, we spent our day learning a new skill that delves into our preparation for our overnight – shelter building! While we won’t be building our shelter at the overnight, it brings up some…

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Week 3: Testing our senses

Hello everyone! Last week at Hawk Circle, after joining our hearts and minds with thanksgiving and having our snack, there was some curiosity about the plan for the day! I had all of my bandanas out, which can only mean…

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Week 2: Storytelling Circle and Tracking!

Dear Hawk Circle Families, As I drove into Boulder yesterday and saw the clouds looming over the Flatirons, I knew the day would be a magical one! A beautiful guest joined us today; a storyteller that many of you might…

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Week 1: Relearning the Land

Welcome back, Hawk Circle families! We had a joyous first day at Chautauqua last Monday. We welcomed our wonderful new intern, Melissa. In order to welcome her into the circle, we began our day with an epic snowball fight! The…

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Week 9: Ancestral Ties and Potluck Celebration

Dear Hawk Circle Families, Pinar, Rivi and I want to extend our deepest gratitude to you all for joining us for the beautiful potluck celebration this past Monday! What a wonderful gathering it was! We are impressed by your ability…

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