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Heron Circle 2/28!

Last week at Heron Circle we had an energetic start to the day with the help of some new faces, Riley, who was visiting to see what Heron Circle was all about, and ¬†Darilynn’s Mom who was in town visiting….

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Heron Circle 2-week catch up: 2/14 and 2/21

From the desk of Katie: 2/14: As the girls traipsed across the school yard in their pajamas, laden with sleeping bags and massive amounts of Valentine‚Äôs Day candy, my heart warmed. It felt wonderful to be together again. After congregating…

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First day back at Heron Circle

From Nico: This first week of Heron Circle was filled with the bubbling energy that marks new beginnings. For our opening circle Darilynn reminded us of the original form and meaning of the Thanksgiving Address. We then went around the…

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