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Week 5 Jarrow After School Program

We are now onto our 5th week at the Jarrow After School Program and have learned a lot! As the children arrived, we quickly made our way to Wonderland Lake so we could spend as much time there as possible….

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Week 4 Jarrow After School Program

In the Jarrow program last Tuesday we mixed up the activities quite a bit to cater to each child’s varying interests!  We kicked off the day with a game of “fire in the forest” to get out some of that…

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Week 3 Jarrow After School Program

All right! Week Three here we go! Today it was raining right before program started so we were hesitant to go right away to the lake but it ended up being a great day. We started off with the game…

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Week 2 Jarrow After School Program

Hello again! For our second week, we had another student Nikos join us and we ended up making it to Wonderland Lake! We started off the day by playing a rambunctious game of fox tails which the kids had been…

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WEEK 1 Jarrow After School Program

Hello there Jarrow Families! Daelinar, Jamie, and I (Andrew) are very excited to be playing and sharing crafts and skills with your children this fall and winter! Sorry for the delay in posting, we finally got the blog figured out…

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