Feet on the Earth

Category: Sparrow Circle

April’s New Stories

Returning to the park after a week of spring break, we found lots of new buds opening and different bird sounds all around us.  The sky was bright above us, although snow clouds loomed over the mountains. We quickly noticed…

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2 Weeks of Sparrow Circle

Last week we met and said thanksgiving under a sky mottled with clouds and a sun poking through just now and then.  We found a place in the grass and played  a new game that Marcus brought us.  We made…

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The Three Troll Challenges

Today, we gathered our minds together in gratitude for everything, eating our snack in the warm light of the ever-stronger February sun.   As we sat, our enjoyment of these early gifts of spring was echoed by the sweet wick-a…

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A Warm February Afternoon

Another warm day greeted us after school today.  We walked to the park, where we played fox tails on a little knoll on the edge of a field.  When we were tired, we made a circle and shared something that…

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Sparrow Circle’s First Day

Today was a beautiful first day for the new spring.  The clouds broke and the sun shone through shining brightly in the icy snow everywhere.  The creek began to thaw, and as we walked from BC SIS to the park,…

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