Feet on the Earth

Category: Home School Programs

Birds and Buddies

  A few weeks ago we teamed up in Village again to reprise our epic game of the Hawks and Flocks Bird Language game that was such a hit in the Fall! This time we paired up the Chickadees with…

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The Bobcats Roar While The Mentors are Silent

  Wendy and I decided that we were spending too much time talking on program! This can happen naturally on a program with the lead instructors. To balance this out we “lost our voices”. Then we split the kids up…

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Return of Winter / Primitive Cooking

On the last Village Day before spring break, it was one of those days that makes me really excited and proud to be doing the work that I am doing.  After a rash of warm, spring weather we got to…

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Solo Fires!

We had a cool challenge for the Bobcats a couple weeks ago where we had them each make a separate, solo one match fire!   One duo chose to stick together.   Each person had 5 minutes to gather materials and then…

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Willow Charcoal Pencils!

A few weeks ago about Village Day, the Bobcats made a super cool project inspired by an Art in Nature book that Wendy was reading.  We already had seen the Bobcats displaying their artistic skills in previous weeks, and wanted…

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