Feet on the Earth

Category: Coyote Clan

Sun, Moon, Stars

Last week at the Village, we divided up in a different way then normal! After So told everyone an amazing true story about someone named Faun who didn’t necessarily feel like a boy or a girl.  When Faun’s class of…

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Getting Organized

This week, we sat down with the boys in the warm sun on a chilly morning and talked about how Coyote Clan works.  In the last couple of weeks, James, Marcus and I have been talking about how best to…

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New April Stories

The last few weeks with Coyote Clan have been really rich in new experiences and deep learning- the kind of learning that lasts a lifetime. Cultivating fire-tending as a metaphor for stewarding our own physical, emotional, and creative needs, James,…

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Scouting Metal Monsters

Today we arrived in the chilly wind of this early-spring morning to find that FEMA’s under-informed and carelessly incentivized contractors had plowed much of the post-flood creek bed, clearing many of our forts and gardens and a great deal of habitat…

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Fire Burning Bright

This week when we met the sun was a little lower in the sky than it has been recently.  It was a beautiful morning to hear the birds announcing their newly forming territories as the light grew in the sky…

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