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Sun, Moon, Stars

Last week at the Village, we divided up in a different way then normal! After So told everyone an amazing true story about someone named Faun who didn’t necessarily feel like a boy or a girl.  When Faun’s class of…

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Raccoon Clan Fall Highlights

Greetings, friends of Feet on the Earth! I haven’t posted an update about Raccoon Clan in a while, so I want to just go over some highlights of the last month or so of our Fall Season. This is by…

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Village-Wide Bird Language and Adventures with Raccoon Clan

We had a little less time than usual in our clans last week, but for good reason! Many of the mentors were full of inspiration from a weekend volunteering at a bird language workshop with Jon Young. We wanted to…

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Primitive Pottery, Sneaking, and Snakes!

Last Village Day, Raccoon Clan got to work with some clay that I recently harvested from the Green River in Utah. Sometimes, to obtain your own clay, you can extract it from dirt using a water-processing method. After that, it often needs to be tempered to…

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2-week catch up

From the desk of Hanna: Hey Raccoon Clan Families! Had a couple of fun weeks at Raccoon Clan since we last posted. On the 13th we stayed in the northern part of the land, playing games and working together on…

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