Feet on the Earth


Our final circle together was filled with appreciation and fun. So and Pinar could not join us, but Arielle was and brought her joyful and playful presence. We began our short time together playing foxtails, a favorite of the girls. After getting out our energy, we sat together for an appreciation circle. So and Pinar had prepared beautiful words of appreciation for the girls in advance to be read and given to them. Sharing with each other the girls were honest and heartfelt about what they appriciated most. Lydia was appreciated for her kind heart and ability to make others happy. Kaitlin was appreciated for her observation skills and joke telling. Lauren was appreciated for her silliness and love of learning. Savannah was appriciated for her scouting skills and love of adventure. Finally, Francessca was appreciated for her leadership and ability to make others feel better. Though our time together was short we shared beautiful memories of the season and celebrated with family and food during the potluck. Cheers to a great Robin’s Circle and many more to come!

With Gratitude,

Mariah, Arielle, Pinar, & So



We shared a sweet Robin’s Circle together this past Tuesday. We started our day off with a game of tree tag. So led us by calling out the name of a plant or tree that we had to touch to be safe. The girls identified Oaks, Pines, Spruces, and lilac’s. After our game we shared a delicious snack together, So and Pinar had thoughtfully brought the girls sweets from Lucky’s bakery (which they had been asking for every Robin’s Circle :).

During snack Pinar shared a story with us about about the connection we can have to plants and how they can protect us, their’s specifically being Devil’s Club. After story and snack we continued our sweetness by gathering plants to infuse our honey with. Heading up to deer meadow and playing sink and fade along the way, we searched for Oregon Grape, Wild Oregano, Clever, and fresh pine to infuse our honey with. The girls were great at identifying the plants and Kaitlin was able to find a patch of Wild Oregano that slipped past the mentors.

With our harvest ready we headed back to the picnic shelter to infuse. Each girl picked out different plants to infuse in their honey and set intentions of when they would open and eat the honey again. We closed Robin’s Circle with a bittersweet goodbye as it was Pinar and So’s last time with us for the season. We all left with honey in the heart.

With Gratitude,

Mariah, So, & Pinar


Robin’s Circle gathered for a beautiful sunny Tuesday. Orientation was the theme of the day, and we started off practicing our awareness and orientation skills in a blind fold game. Dividing into pairs one partner was blindfolded and the other partner stood in one spot. The blindfolded partner tried their best to walk in a straight line and after 20 feet would stop and using the other still partner as a measurement would determine which foot was dominant from which direction they swayer. This practice helps you when you are lost because you are aware you are more likely to go a certain direction based on which foot is dominant.

Pinar shared a personal story with us about getting lost when sheep herding in Arizona and how orientation is a crucial skill for survival. Donning the blindfolds again, each girl was blindfolded and stood across the field from Pinar. Pinar had a drum, and was lightly drumming while the girls practiced their fox walking and deer ears to make their way across the field to Pinar.

Our final activity of the way was a scavenger hunt. Some of the items on the list such as bark an elk scratched, mountain sage, and deer poop were all found previously at Robin’s Circle in the deer meadow. It was a good orientation practice to remember how to find something, and we found several of the items on the list including deer poop, mountain sage, and fur. The scavenger hunt brought our time together to a close 🙂

With Gratitude,

Mariah, Pinar & So

Birds and Buddies


A few weeks ago we teamed up in Village again to reprise our epic game of the Hawks and Flocks Bird Language game that was such a hit in the Fall!

This time we paired up the Chickadees with their older or younger “Buddies” that have been paired together a number of times in different ways this spring! It has been really great to see the older guys and gals start to mentor the younger kids without any prompting. (OK, maybe occasional prompting 😉 )  There seems to be some real bonds between them now!

The game was a rousing success and we could have played for hours more!

Making Pine Needle Baskets


Over the past few weeks, the Chickadees have been working hard! I wanted to give them the opportunity to take on a project that would take some time, focus and hand-eye coordination! If they were up to the challenge, the boys were invited to stitch together a Pine Needle Basket using wood slices I prepped at home, artificial sinew or thread and Ponderosa Pine needles.

I hadn’t posted this one yet because some of the boys wanted to give thier baskets to Momma’s for Mother’s Day! I hope those that got them enjoyed them and appreciate all of the hard work that went into these!

It takes a lot of focus and concentration to complete one of these Pine Needle Baskets! With this in mind a few of the boys decided that coming from a full day of school they would be better served by moving thier bodies and exploring the natural world in different ways.  During these times: crayfish were caught, trees were climbed, dead squirrels discovered (then examined and buried), dams built, snakes handled, spring wild plants eaten and more! There can be much magic in these times and the kids working on the basket bounced back and forth between these two worlds!